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Just a little hooked

Ban and Meliodas are just giant fucking children and I have no idea what to do with this face

The Doctor’s Biggest Secret: It has been found

» Just a little on Lucy

I want to talk a bit about how Lucy’s changed since the beginning of Fairy Tail.

When she first came to the Guild, she was naive, inexperienced and a bit self-important. This is understandable, considering the life style that she was brought up in. She lived a sheltered life where she had everything she wanted given to her on a silver platter and where her magic was probably not entirely useful. She most likely only used her spirits to keep her company, since I’m sure she didn’t do little to any combat when she lived in her mansion.

So, it’s understandable that she wasn’t a powerhouse main character that’s unbeatable. 

But Lucy has grown a lot since the beginning, and it shows quite obviously.

When she followed Natsu out to find Macao, she complained about the cold and wanting to leave. And she probably would have, if the cart had stayed to take them back. and if that giant Vulcan hadn’t shown up and kidnapped her


When the The 7 Kin of Purgatory and Grimoire Heart showed up, they were causing everyone in Fairy Tail trouble.

At the time, Kain was causing Lucy a bit of (humorous) trouble, until they stumbled across Natsu and Ultear. After a few more entertaining spats of combat and Lucy being controlled by Mr. Cursey, things take at turn for the worse.

Natsu’s stuck under a pile of rocks and Lucy’s life is in danger.

But does she run away?

Absolutely not.

Natsu even screamed for her to make a run for it, that he’ll figure something out, so she should just get out of there. But she refuses.

In the beginning, Lucy was ready to run off because it was a little cold, even though she had Horologium to help keep her a little warm. But now, when her life is quite literally on the line, her head being threatened to be crushed, she doesn’t run.

She’s refusing to leave him and Happy behind to save her own skin.

Now, another factor to her growth.

Again, when she first entered the Guild, I wondered, “Why Fairy Tail? Why the most popular Guild in Fiore?” She was on the run for a year, she could have easily joined another Guild to help her make a living. But no, she wanted to join the top.

And it’s like Happy said:

She more than likely just wanted her reputation to sky rocket and to make a really good impression. When she first got there, I don’t think she necessarily cared for the Guild. She didn’t really consider them her family, she a big group of people that could help her make her way through life.

And that has obviously changed.

She’s cried for and with them, and she’s fought by everyone’s side.

And recently

We see her determination to save the Guild, no matter what happens to her. It isn’t about how they view her, or how her reputation is standing anymore. Her friends and family were in danger, and she had no idea how to save them. She’s got demons tracking her down with the goal of destroying her in mind, but she didn’t care.

They’ve done so much for her, she will do whatever it takes to try and save them. She exerted herself beyond her limitations. She opened three Spirit gates, that itself is an amazing feat for NOT ONLY Lucy, but for Celestial Mages. Bringing out two of them is an amazing skill, she brought out three. Not only that, but she summoned the Celestial King himself. He didn’t come to Lucy using his own power, like the first time they met.

He came through Lucy breaking Aquarius’ key, and managed to remain on Earthland, again, not with his own power, but through Lucy’s. That’s how Celestial Spirits work. They can only stay on Earthland by using their summoner’s power. The moment that power is gone, they’re sent back to their own world.

And not only did she summon him and support him with her own magic, she finally successfully completed Urano Metria.

All of this to save her friends. Over using magic has proven to be life threatening to magic users, and I’m pretty sure that Lucy went passed “overusing”. But she did not care what happened to her, as long as the Guild came out alright and free of Alegria. 

And I don’t think that her role is quite finished yet.

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Panel sing-along to “Secret Tunnel!!!”


"Is it true that you’re playing Doctor Strange?" [x]

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